OUTPOST is committed to artist development, with a vision on global opportunities. We have a history of developing and working with artists and their creative and commercial strategies from first demo’s to international superstars.

At OUTPOST we provide our artists:
• A&R development.
• Social media & marketing development.
• Live touring opportunities.
• A wide range of contacts within the global music market.
• 30+ years plus experience in successfully breaking global musicians.



Outpost is committed to creating creative and commercial equity with its artists, as such we have the facility to partner artists in creating and operating their own label. We also have the capacity to develop and sign artists purely for label release. Services we offer include:
• Marketing.
• PR service (online + radio)
• A&R development.
• Business affairs & legal advice.


As part of a deal OUTPOST has with Warner Music Group, ADA. OUTPOST offers independent labels and artists access to a global distribution system and a dedicated team that provides all aspects of marketing and promotion services. OUTPOST’s connect through ADA means we get the benefit of inclusion in all of WMG’s revenue assurance services as well as its company-wide deals.

OUTPOST DISTRIBUTION services include :

• Customized label services by release and territory
• Sales, distribution, and retail marketing including global account management for key digital retailers
• Radio promotion, publicity, and marketing services
• Product management consultancy including creation and execution of marketing and promotion plans
• Consolidated worldwide accounting via one statement


OUTPOST staff has over 30 years history involved in artist and music business. This experience and history are available to artists, management, labels on a consultancy basis. This provides access to the Outpost brain trust without the requirement for an MGMT or label agreement.